13 Awesome Side Hustles For College Students

Side Hustles For College Students

It may seem like your schedule is fully packed all day every day in college, but there is always time to make money! I will give you the most effective ways to make money in college. Some of these side hustles for college students can turn into passive income after you get a lot of the process automated.


Blogging is on almost every list when it comes to making money in your spare time. If you are passionate about a subject and have enough knowledge to write on it, you should start a blog. Blogging will not make you rich overnight, but with constancy can create a steady income stream. The most important aspect of choosing your niche is picking something that you like. If you pick something that bores you because it is a growing niche you will burn out after a few weeks. It is hard to write constantly if you aren’t interested in the topic.

2. Flipping

This is my favorite way to make side money. There are so many apps and services that will allow you to post things that you do not use or need any more for free. This can include clothing, electronics, furniture, antiques, and more! You can use Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Amazon, and multiple apps on iPhone and Android. The most important thing to do it be as descriptive as possible on your listing. This will help avoid confusion and leads that do not buy your item. I have sold everything from furniture to iPhones and have made a lot of money doing it. This is the perfect side hustle for college students who have the drive and energy to chase big profits. One problem that you might run into is that you need a space to store the items you have while you’re waiting to sell them.

3. Work On Campus

There are a lot of job openings on college campuses that are looking for college students to fill. There are library workers, tutors, desk assistants, peer advisers, teaching assistants, and more. You can usually find these openings on your school’s website or through the administrative offices. These will look great on your resume and you do not have to travel to work!

4. Become a Driver

There are multiple opportunities for you if you have a reliable vehicle. You can drive for Uber, Lyft, or restaurants around your campus. There are a lot of delivery places that are in constant need of drivers, especially late night. This is a perfect opportunity for students who have class throughout the day. This could be a very lucrative side hustle for college students if done correctly!

5. Become a Brand Ambassador

Social media is taking over most college student’s lives. There are ways to take advantage of the hours spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and more! A brand ambassador is someone who represents a company and promotes their content and products. There are multiple different clothing companies that look for brand ambassadors to help grow their name and sales. Some programs will pay for a commission on conversions, some will give you free apparel, and others will give you discounts on their products. You should do your homework before agreeing to become a brand ambassador because there are companies that do not reward their ambassadors well.

6. Become a Research Assistant

This is a great way to get a head start in your career while getting paid. There are professors who still continue to work in their field while teaching. They look to hire their top students to help do research and collect data for their work. You should ask your professors if they are working on any projects that could use a research assistant. If they are not you might still get a lead from another professor. This could be a life changing move and can lead to a job right after graduation and looks amazing on your resume.

7. Freelance Write For Blogs and Companies

There is always a need for quality content creators. Search Engine Optimization companies are always looking for “ghost” writers to create content for their clients. Make sure that you have writing samples before approaching a company and do your research on what SEO entails. You can also reach out to larger blogs and ask to write for them in exchange for commission or other payment options, such as clothing. This side gig can continue after college and be a solid source of income for you.

8. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is a website that allows you to do tasks for others in exchange for money. There are hundreds of different tasks that can be listed on the website. They range from coding and video editing to music creation and  voice-over acting. This is great because it does not take much time to find gigs that you can complete and they are usually small so you can squeeze them in throughout your day. This is a great side hustle for college students that want to take advantage of what they are learning in their classes!

9. Participate in Market Research Studies

This could be an awesome experience that can end up giving you cash or gift cards once completed. Colleges that have market research centers look for students to become part of the studies that they are conducting. They are willing to pay for your time and some of the studies are fun and exciting. This is definitely something that you can do with your friends and everyone walks away with a little extra money in their pockets.

10. Enter For Scholarships

Ok, this one might not directly put money in your pocket. Instead, this can save you a lot of money in the long run. There are thousands of scholarships that are won by the only person who enters each year. There are even a ton of scholarships that get no applications. Regularly checking what scholarships are available through your university and online can end up saving you thousands in debt during and after college.

11. Sell Your Stock Photography

Do you have an interest in taking photos everywhere you go? If so, stock photography can be the perfect gig for you. Companies use stock photography for their websites and are willing to pay for great photography. If you have a good camera and follow the guidelines that stock photography companies provide, you can create a passive stream of income. Make sure you have your 10 best photos available to submit to multiple stock photography websites to increase your chances of getting approved. You should upload new batches every few months to stay in the results.

12. Selling Your Old Textbooks

The used textbook market is a very easy place to make a ton of money. I have seen many people buy textbooks at the end of a semester for a few dollars (or get them free) and then sell them the next semester to students that need them for huge margins. This is a super easy way to get a lot of cash with minimal effort. At the end of a semester get as many textbooks for classes that will be taught in the following semester. Once the school year is about to start post your “inventory” on the Class of 20XX pages and let people know that you can get them a used copy for cheaper than they can find online. They will gladly pay a slightly lower price than online. As long as the syllabus for the class doesn’t change, the textbooks usually stay the same and will be valuable.

13. Babysitting

If you have experience from babysitting in high school you can continue to do it in college. I know multiple girls who would babysit on weekends or days where their schedules allowed it and had enough spending money for the entire month. It may be hard to find a family that will trust you if you are in a new area, but there are online services that can help you connect with families and you can even use social media to find a family that needs a sitter.

These 13 side hustles for college students will help you save money and possibly create a passive income source throughout the next few years of your life. Make sure that you are smart with the money that you make! We created a 10 Step Guide To Saving Money in College that will walk you through awesome money saving ideas!

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