5 Awesome Christmas Decorations For Your College Dorm Room

Decorating your college dorm room before finals is an awesome way to get in the holiday spirit and get away from studying for a few hours. There are a ton of awesome decorations that you can use, but we have found the 10 best Christmas decorations for your dorm room that you need ASAP.

Desktop Christmas Tree

Having a small Christmas tree is the perfect start to decorating your room for the holidays! You can create your own ornaments to hang on the pre-lit tree and add any other lights or garland that you want. The tree that I prefer is 26 inches tall and has 35 lights. There are 5 different light settings that you can choose from: alternating multicolor/white lights, steady multicolor, flashing multicolor, steady white, or flashing white light. You can put in on your desk, dresser, windowsill, or in your entrance way to greet everyone who walks through the door! You can check the availability, height, and style that you want by clicking here!


Christmas Themed Door Cover

Getting a Christmas themed door cover is an inexpensive way to show the people on your floor that you are excited for the holiday break and that they should be too! This cover should fit all college dorm room doors and will be a huge hit! You can even get a 3 pack so you can spread your Christmas cheer and gift two door covers to your friends and neighbors!

Window Decals

Window decals are awesome and super quick to put up. If you have  window that points towards a trafficked area, such as a parking lot, walkway, building, or the street. You can get a Christmas 12 pack, 190+ Christmas Snowflake decals, or Santa Claus and his train of presents!



DIY Snowflakes

diy paper snowflakes christmas decorations for a dorm room

You do not need to break the bank in order to decorate for the holidays. It is very easy to make a couple unique snowflakes with some computer paper and scissors. There is a bunch of awesome guides on doing this, but the best one that I have seen is by Martha Stewart. She has a step by step guide that will walk you through each phase. You can do this with your roommates in a few minutes and have your walls covered in between classes!



Hanging a tapestry in your form or entrance way is an easy way to cover a lot of area with Christmas cheer in a short amount of time. There are a bunch of awesome tapestries that you can get, but my favorite is this Disney one! Make sure you check with your school before hanging up any tapestries because it could be a violation of your fire code if they take up too much space on the wall.

Tapestries are awesome for taking pictures in front of and can also be easily hung with thumb tacks or 3m command spring clips. Make sure that you do not damage any of your walls when hanging the tapestries or anything else on your walls because you can get fines at the end of the year.



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