6 Step Guide For Transfer Students

So you’ve just transferred or are about to transfer to a new college from either a community college or a completely different area and have no idea what to expect. You hear these stories about ‘college life’ and, depending on the type of person you are, you’re either ready to take on this huge new step or you’re completely lost and in desperate need of some guidance. Here is a guide for transfer students on how to make it through college:

Do Your Research

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Whether you are set on one school or stuck in between some, it is extremely important to know what you are getting yourself into. It will help in the long run if you know the type of school you will be going to. From size and location to Greek Life and other involvements, you’ll be surprised how much this helps influence your decision in order to ensure you’ve found a place you’re comfortable in- especially since it’ll be your home for the next couple of years.

Have An Idea Of Your Future

college guide for transfer students

If you’re planning on transferring and know what you want to do with your life then make sure the college you choose offers the program- common sense. However, it is easy for schools to lure you in and then not accept your transfer credits simply because its not their criteria. It sucks, but it happens, so make sure you’re school of choice goes hand in hand with your life plans.

Are Advisor’s Really Your Friend?

Don’t get me wrong, these people are SUPPOSED to help you and advise you on what to do in order to get to where you want to be. But, this is not always the case. A good percentage of advisors are willing to help you and guide you in the right direction while others feel that they are superior and some of their students may be a waste of time. I had a friend (also a transfer) whose advisor told him he would amount to nothing… hmm probably not the best advice a struggling, broke, and confused college student is dying to hear. Just make sure you ask questions and be assertive. After all, this is your life not theirs.


guide for transfer students college

You’re going to want to definitely make grades and success a top priority when transferring to a new college because it is easy to get distracted and caught up in the whole “trying to fit in” image. Do your professor stalking and make sure you are taking the right classes. Go with your gut and if you are in a class on the first day and immediately think run.

Go In With An Open Mind

Don’t go into college as a transfer with a negative attitude. This will only deter you from progressing and opening up. But, don’t go in with a big head because remember, people have been there longer than you and know the ins and outs- be confident not cocky. Have an open mind and good intentions and good things will come to you. BE YOURSELF.

Get Involved

Even if you think you don’t want to, TRY IT OUT. As a former transfer student, I was an introverted extrovert (to say the least) and I can definitely say that getting involved in different clubs and Greek Life really helped me branch out and feel like a normal student- rather than labeled as “The Transfer”. Even if you are not into sororities or fraternities, there are so many different activities and personal clubs that you can involve yourself in which require a little bit of your time. Trust me, you’ll be surprised how much you gain from such little effort.

Be Resourceful

No question is a dumb question. You’re new here, you are not expected to know everything. Ask questions and use your resources. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get help when you feel you need it.Whether it has to do with a class you’re struggling with or making a decision that will effect your future, there are many different places on campus to go to for help and the best part.. no one even has to know!


Get pumped! College is supposed to be the greatest experience of your young life. Whether you’re there for four years or fourteen, get out there, have fun, and be yourself- just don’t lose focus and try to think about the outcome of your decisions.



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