Product Review: NFL Sunday Ticket for Students

If you’re like me, a fan of a football team that isn’t broadcasted on television because they are too far away, I have the perfect answer for you. As an avid Minnesota Vikings fan from New Jersey, it was tough to catch many games on television because CBS and FOX only showed the New York Giants and the New York Jets with an occasional Dallas Cowboys or New England Patriots game.


I stumbled on NFL Sunday Ticket, which is normally unavailable for people who don’t have the satellite dish or don’t have the money to afford the $300+ package, and I noticed that they had an option for students and for people who live in apartments who can’t get access to satellite dishes.


For the whole season, with every game (blackout restrictions applied) included, it costed me a whopping $99 plus taxes. For the most part, it has been a godsend, but like anything else, it did have it’s issues.


The positives

The fact that I was finally able to watch the Vikings after spending years curled up next to the radio was an amazing feeling. Not only was I streaming the game, but I was able to switch between the different games that were on while the Vikings were in commercial with no problems or delays.


I streamed it on both my laptop and my Xbox One, both producing pretty good results, but I found that the Xbox One streamed better and was easier to access. The app on the Xbox One was great (you can get it on PS4 as well) and it’s simple to use and isn’t buggy whatsoever.


The controls are simple, as they give you a little key on the bottom of the screen telling you which buttons on the controller do what, and it allows for a great experience. Above the games, the app allows you to click on both the NFL RedZone and NFL Fantasy Zone options, giving fans a look around the league of which teams are about to score and which players are doing good fantasy wise with real-time stats.


The negatives

There wasn’t a lot to complain about when it came to my student Sunday Ticket experience, but there were some things that I would like to see improved for future subscriptions.


When I streamed on my laptop, like many college students are forced to do since they don’t have a television or money to purchase a console, the games tended to freeze (at the biggest moments too, of course) and would stop playing for a decent amount of time before I had to refresh the page and/or switch to another game and switch back.


With both the console and laptop, the game would get super fuzzy and pixelated at certain points, making it difficult to see what was going on, but it wasn’t a total deal-breaker. It would refocus and fix itself after a couple of seconds, but when you’re paying money for good streaming from a reputable service, you expect great results.


Another small yet annoying negative is that you can only use one device per subscription. When I tried to login to my Xbox One, it denied me access because I had already logged into my laptop earlier in the day. Even if you log off of the computer, it doesn’t work because the subscription is already registered to the computer so other devices won’t allow you to login.


The only way to fix this was to clear all history and remove the cookies to make the computer forget about it, and once the Xbox One was the only device recognizing my subscription, it finally worked.


Overall final reaction

For what you’re paying, it’s totally worth it. You’re getting access to a bunch of different teams that you wouldn’t normally get to see for less than $100. Despite the stupid little annoying negatives that could easily be fixed should they be inclined to do so, once you get it up and working on either your laptop and/or console, you get a nice experience and the positives absolutely outweigh the negatives.


Have you tried this product before? Leave a comment below and let me know about your experience and what you thought!


Review: 3.75/5 stars.



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